Hemp Roll-On Gel, 3 oz

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HEMP EMU™ Hemp Roll-On Gel is an effective pain relief gel that helps get rid of all kinds of aches, inflammation, soreness, and pains instantly. HEMP EMU™ is 100% natural, and combines powerful amounts of botanical ingredients to give you long-lasting targeted relief. Perfect for sore backs and stiff necks, this cream can help soothe discomfort for arthritis, joint and muscle pains, fast.

Roll-on applicator keeps hands mess-free and is great for hard to reach places like your back.
  • Fast-acting, effective formula
  • Penetrates deep into skin to give long-lasting targeted relief
  • Made of 100% natural and botanical extracts
  • 365 Day Money Back Guarantee. Results or Your Money Back!


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HEMP EMU™ Roll-On Gel is a premium quality gel made with natural ingredients. Combines our concentrated blend of Hemp, MSM, Arnica, Menthol and Emu Oil.

The roll on applicator keeps your hands clean and is great for hard to reach places!

HempEmu™ Roll-On Gel can be applied to back, neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, hips, feet, hands, and ankles.
Our products contain 100% natural ingredients so its nice to be able to use as much as needed without worrying about negative side effects. Our ingredients build in your system, therefore the products do work better with continued use. We recommend to start in the morning then apply as needed throughout your day. Discover the power of HEMP EMU™ today!
We offer a FULL 365-day 100% Money Back Guarantee on our products so you can try them completely RISK FREE!

3oz bottle.

HEMP EMU™™ products are safe, 100% USA based, third-party tested,  and will never show up on a drug test. Contains NO CBD and NO THC.